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Make continuous quality and improvement process a reality for your organisation with the five toolkits included in DatixCloudIQ.

DCIQ Capture

Capture Toolkit

Actively record incidents, feedback, claims and mortality reviews to drive a culture of feedback and safety.

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Evaluate Toolkit

Understand and uncover what factors led to an adverse event, while getting visibility into how to protect patients from potential risks.

In this Toolkit:

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Strategy Toolkit

Share safety learnings and deploy improvement strategies across your organisation with recommendations and controls.

In this Toolkit:

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Implement Toolkit

Embed learning into your organisation and ensure policies and controls are incorporated into improvement processes with policy management and safety alerts.

In this Toolkit:

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Assess Toolkit

Determine if implemented changes are working with compliance assessments and safety rounds designed to ensure continuous improvement.

In this Toolkit:

  • Compliance Assessment
  • Safety Rounds
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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Gain a comprehensive and analytical understanding of all data and trends across DatixCloudIQ modules. With advanced tools for manipulating data, which allows triangulation for a cohesive view across all quality improvement processes.

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Business intelligence

Driving the Future of Patient Safety Solutions

Learn how organisations are using DatixCloudIQ and how it can help improve patient safety and healthcare quality initiatives.

University Hospitals Bristol

University Hospitals Bristol is outstanding with RLDatix

Nuffield Group

Reducing risk and improving patient safety with group-wide reporting

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