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Our goal is your goal:
better, safer care.

From large hospitals to smaller community health centers, healthcare organizations are complex institutions and the stakes are high. RLDatix has built its reputation working with organizations like yours to reduce risk to patients, families and staff. We provide the tools you need to proactively identify and manage risk in pursuit of our common goal: better, safer care.

Better, safer care comes from building a just culture open to tracking, analyzing and learning from adverse events. Our hospital risk management software gives your workforce access to targeted information, empowering them to learn from errors and shift their workflow to reduce harm and improve patient outcomes. 

Our goal is your goal: better, safer care. Our solutions will help get you there.

How we help

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Provide data driven insights

Eliminate data silos, ensure consistent and reliable data capture and identify key risks. Document implemented improvements within the system to consolidate organizational knowledge and make insights transparent and accessible to all, allowing your stakeholders to see their individual impact on improving patient and quality outcomes, leading to better buy-in and engagement.

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Discover Opportunities for Intervention

Capture data to support root causes analyses, short-term and long-term risks identification and immediate interventions. By using historical incident data, organizations can identify high risk events, and better focus their resources to address these areas of concern.  This allows organizations to become very focused on what they can resolve and what will make the greatest impact for their organization. 

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Implement Learnings and Controls

Make data accessible to all relevant departments and teams to reduce repeated adverse events and allow units across the organization to learn from each other and build preventable controls to keep patients safer. 

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Support transparent communication built on a Just Culture

Silos and incremental initiatives are inadequate but by strengthening safety culture this in turn ignites interventions that simultaneously enables an environment of openness and addressing mistakes so that future occurrences can be avoided. This approach may help to reduce hospital errors and ultimately save lives.

Explore our solutions

  • Event Reporting

    Manage harmful events, near misses and unsafe conditions in a centralized system to access organizational harm reduction insights.

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  • Event Analysis

    Systematically investigate events to provide critical information to relevant stakeholders to immediately address issues and drive interventions.

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  • Safety Huddles

    Increase communication between staff to share potential and existing safety issues to mitigate risk.

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  • Patient Feedback

    Capture the voice of the patient, manage grievances and identify disruptive behavior.

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  • Surveys

    Engage patients during their stay to proactively identify opportunities to improve patient experience and satisfaction.

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  • Claims

    Enable organizations to reduce liability and premiums by effectively managing potentially compensable events, realized claims and pending lawsuits.

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  • Risk Register

    Identify, prioritize and act on departmental and organizational risks through a team-based approach.

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  • Clinical Surveillance

    Connect your entire organization to real-time data and alerts to help forecast infection risks before diagnosis.

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    Lead with empathy and compassion using a comprehensive and highly reliable approach to patient and caregiver harm.

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Explore our solutions

  • Governance
    Control risk by standardizing internal processes, documentation and transparency
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues. 
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