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Capture feedback to improve patient experience and satisfaction

  • Leading organizations treat feedback as opportunities. They respond, resolve, analyze and learn from feedback. The result is happier and healthier patients and staff.
  • Feedback gives organizations a better understanding of the complaints and grievances, gender or racial bias issues and other system-wide problems.
  • Complaints are often precursors to safety incidents and examining complaint data through that lens can create custom workflows to respond to these risks before accidents happen.  
  • Access timely reports for early detection and prevention of complaints, improving HCAHPs survey performance and patient satisfaction overall.

How Feedback can help you

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Access the right information for faster resolution

Capture patient feedback from different sources to gather and process complaints, compliments, suggestions and grievances. Use this information to drive immediate interventions, identify systemic risks and issues and build workflows based on the feedback.

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Automate your workflow

Respond faster to complaints and grievances with custom alerts, automated form letters and email notifications of critical information to managers, resulting in prompt action and resolution.

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Provide a holistic view of shared data

View patient feedback across multiple departments by integrating data from Feedback, Event Reporting and Claims.

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