Capture feedback to improve experience and outcomes
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Engage patients, visitors and staff to quickly address opportunities to improve

    • Improve experience and outcomes by requesting and recording feedback from patients, visitors and staff.
    • Ensure quality of care by encouraging all of your organisation’s stakeholders to provide event feedback.
    • Promote safety by proactively identifying trends in feedback and integrating them into quality improvement initiatives.

How Feedback can help you

Promote and effectively share learning

  • Document all types of feedback quickly and efficiently via customisable forms that can be presented directly to patients and stakeholders online.
  • Support sharing of responsibility and learning through data access, communication and task management functions. 
  • Leverage incident feedback to inform improvement initiatives and monitoring of patterns and trends.

Create a single source of information

  • Collate all information and documents related to the event feedback, creating a central repository for data.
  • Support learning by bringing together feedback from patients, clinicians and staff as well as care records and other data.
  • Submit feedback data to regulatory agencies directly from a single dataset, via built-in export and mapping functions.

Tailor the system to organisational needs and workflows

  • Customise the feedback system to work seamlessly for your organisation and your people through forms, settings and access rights.
  • Configure workflows according to your business logic, ensuring you can prioritise, manage and review stakeholder and patient feedback.
  • Automate notifications for managers to ensure compliance and for feedback reporters to receive standardised responses.

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