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Gain a comprehensive and analytical understanding of all data and trends across DatixCloudIQ

  • Provide a comprehensive reporting and data analytics tool to monitor activity and drive actions towards improvement and management of future risk. 
  • Encourage feedback to key stakeholders and broaden engagement with quality improvement processes by identifying areas where patient safety and quality can be improved.
  • Bring data to life with a variety of interactive dashboards, correlation plots, word clouds and geographical and image-based reporting options. 
  • Proactively identify problem areas through automated alerts for data threshold limits allowing you to immediately implement improvement strategies. 

How Insights can help you

Highly adaptable reporting

  • Interpret and explain information easily to management and staff with a highly graphical representation of data, helping with engagement in quality improvement processes. 
  • Report on more than two types of data and on any parameter allows you to identify trends, both historical and anticipated.
  • Bring data to life with a variety of interactive dashboards, correlation plots and geographical and image-based reporting options.

Real-time alerting and reporting

  • Improve efficiency with simple exporting, scheduling of reports at any time and automatic emails with links to reports.
  • Proactively identify problem areas and implement improvement strategies as soon as possible with automated alerts for data threshold limits.
  • Encourage engagement with the quality improvement process across the organisation by automatically sending reports to relevant staff.

Expertise without analytical experience

  • Identify trends and forecasts with no analytical experience with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Create reports and presentations directly within the system with a storyboard function.
  • Report on data confidently, relying on automatic real-time updates for accuracy.
  • Provide relevant staff with access to data and the ability to change their viewing parameters without affecting organisational reporting.

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