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Modern Problems require Modern Solutions

Imagine the power of connecting evidence-based requirements from accreditors, equipment manufacturers and regulators to everyday processes and policies. With a combined view of quality and patient safety practices, RLDatix’s Compliance Bundle integrates solutions that give you the power to maintain accreditation standards to provide better patient care.  The more solutions you combine, the more your care teams can act as a united unit, to provide improved collaborative care and better continuity.    

With the Compliance Bundle, it is simple to infuse compliance data into your safety culture to minimize risk and improve patient outcomes.  By ensuring policies reflect the most recent updates as standards and manufacturer guidelines change, your organization will unify standards and drive safer patient care.  Combine a set of proven software interventions to prepare for accreditation surveys and significantly improve patient outcomes.

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How we help

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Deliver Safer Care

Go beyond continuous survey readiness and become patient ready by integrating multiple compliance solutions. Assess your quality of care, level of compliance and identify areas of vulnerability.

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Transform Patient Safety

Mitigate risk, prevent healthcare-acquired infections and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance by streamlining and continuously improving provider, policy, equipment, and accreditation processes (rounding and assessments).

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Data-Driven Compliance

Improve patient safety with organization-wide compliance insights providing leadership with key quality identifiers.

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Go Beyond Survey Readiness

Streamline compliance operations by connecting policies with manufacturer documents, digital rounding, mock surveys, assessments, and evidence-based standards.

Explore our solutions

  • Accreditation & Regulatory

    Protect your organization against fines and lost revenue by proactively supporting safety.

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  • Policy Management Software

    Improve performance and compliance around your policies and procedures while mitigating risk.

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  • Instructions For Use

    Reduce HAIs and re-admission costs by staying in compliance.

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  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights.  
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  • Governance
    Control risk by standardizing internal processes, documentation and transparency.  


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