Event Analysis

Investigate, prioritize and address systemic issues to reduce risk
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Give your staff the insight they need to make improvements, reduce risk and deliver safer care

  • Conduct deep dive investigations to understand the root causes and underlying issues related to adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions.
  • Gain better insights when systems and processes fail and implement corrective action plans to prevent future occurrences. 
  • Use Root Cause Analysis as a critical component of the CANDOR approach after a serious patient safety incident.

How Event Analysis can help you

Multiple frameworks and configuration to meet your organizational needs

  • Set a flexible workflow to support your preferred RCA framework – Standard RCA, RCA2, The Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT), Canadian Incident Analysis (CIAF), Multi-Incident Analysis or Veterans Administration.  
  • Build question sets to fulfill mandatory reporting for The Joint Commission, DNV and other agencies.

Efficient communication and action tools

  • Record and send action items to any user in your organization and track their progress.
  • Create robust workflows with follow-up action plans.
  • Notify and alert relevant staff about progress and action items.
  • Initiate a single root cause analysis from multiple existing RL6 files.
  • Embed links to related policies within different forms.

Manage and streamline your process

  • Conduct preliminary investigations to determine the need for formal root cause analysis.
  • Initiate a root cause analysis with just one click with our integrated Risk, Feedback and Policy system.
  • View all action items and follow-ups associated with a root cause analysis centrally.
  • Construct a narrative with easy- to-digest timeline views.

Continuous improvement towards future prevention

  • Identify underlying factors, frequent modes of failure and new opportunities for improvement across the organization.
  • Create custom reports for committee meetings, hospital executives, managers, teams and more.
  • Continuously share and learn from RCAs to drive system improvements and prevent future safety events.

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