Integration Services

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We offer a range of integration options to help you work seamlessly

  • Patient Lookup
    Connect the software to your ADT system through an HL7 connection. This lookup allows your staff to search for, and select, the patient involved and with one click populate several fields in the electronic form.
  • Staff & Physician Lookup
    Integrate with your HR/ESR systems to populate staff details on the event forms. In most cases this information is used to populate tables related to “Staff Involved” or “Physician Details” on the form. The interface is typically managed through a batched CSV file import, where the source systems will export data sets that are imported into the software to populate the lookups.
  • Medication Lookup
    Enable staff to search for medications instead of manually typing details into the form. Bring medication information from your formulary into the system using a batched CSV import
  • Equipment Lookup
    Staff can search for devices that have been involved in an event, or to populate device information into device specific events instead of trying to manually type them into the form. Similar to staff lookups and medication lookups, information about the assets is provided to the system by your IT teams who utilize batched CSV exports from your asset management system to power the lookup.
  • Active Directory Integration
    Most customers integrate the RLDatix software with their existing user authentication system to allow end-users to login using their corporate network credentials. This also reduces the burden on your System Administrator to manage reporter set up and user IDs and passwords.
  • Easy Data Imports & Exports
    RLDatix allows users to transfer data into and out of the product using industry-standard XML and CSV file formats. This makes it very easy to import events from other systems and to export and incorporate meaningful, structured data to other third-party systems that use this type of data.

Custom Integration Options

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Regulatory reporting

Organizations will often need to produce regular reports to regional or national bodies that oversee quality in healthcare, and RLDatix can assist where this requirement involves information found in the database, whether the requirement is outputting a particular format of data to be sent to a regulator, or directly connecting to an interface provided.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) system link

Increase efficiency for users by allowing them to launch your product file creation directly from your organization’s EHR system. This solution can work with different EHR system vendors if the EHR system has capability to encrypt a link per RLDatix specifications. 

Other Integration Projects

Learn about the many y other healthcare systems that can benefit from integrating with the RLDatix system – our teams are always happy to talk through a potential data interface project to find out if it’s a good fit.