Drive the best outcomes when harm happens with a comprehensive and highly reliable approach grounded in empathy and compassion

Achieve CANDOR alignment with expert software, proven consulting services and dynamic training.

Train staff on how to effectively and compassionately resolve patient safety events.

  • Interactive training sessions educate your staff in empathic communication, care for the caregiver, cognitive interviewing, event reviews and resolution conversations.
  • Ensure your team leaders and GO team members are supported with annual certification programs in Empathic Communication and Peer Support. Train large groups of users on key CANDOR concepts through our CANDOR Online Learning Portal. Users can earn CE/CME credits for each on-demand learning course they take. 
  • Access a full video library of real-life scenarios showing CANDOR principles applied to real-life scenarios that promote continuous learning for all staff members.

A hands-on approach to making CANDOR work for you

  • RLDatix experts can help you launch, maintain or improve your CANDOR program by first understanding where you are on your CANDOR journey and providing a custom set of services to support you.    
  • Define your CANDOR workflow after harm events, define metrics to track progress and help identify your strongest communicators. 
  • Customize training scenarios to encourage buy-in from your staffPrevious sessions have included scenarios about homelessness, diversity, equity and inclusion, COVID-19, medical errors and more.


  • Empower your organizations to classify and respond to CANDOR events efficiently, quickly and consistently. 
  • Use your data to improve your organization’s processes for communicating with patients, families and caregivers. 
  • Pair CANDOR processes with your risk solutions to effectively manage and resolve events, while gaining new insights that prevent future incidents. 
  • Reduce the volume of serious safety events, with more reporting of near misses and unsafe conditions. 

Here to support you on your CANDOR Journey

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