About us

We are a healthcare technology company on a mission to help organizations deliver safer care.

Our innovative software products and services provide strategic decision makers with targeted insights to improve quality, safety, risk, and financial outcomes.

When it comes to healthcare, we believe in connecting the heart and the head.

Our passion
inspires our progress

We are driven to partner with organizations globally who deliver improved access to high quality, safer care.

And yet, better outcomes come from actionable data insights.

Our innovation
is in our integrated software technology platform

We deliver the best usability experience across four value pillars: compliance, risk, provider and workforce management and services. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where
healthcare workers are deeply supported by their organization.

We work with leadership teams to empower staff across the enterprise to use relevant, integrated insights to make informed decisions that improve quality.

We envision a world where
patients have access to a transparent, safer healthcare experience. 

Our software and services give health workers quick and easy access to information they need to provide better safer care to engage patients, provide safer care and encourage a more equitable environment.

With our partners, we are on this journey together.

Deploying our enterprise suite leads to improved data access, leading to better outcomes and an improved patient experience. Our software tracks trends in a way that is predicative, preventative and highly secure.

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We work closely with healthcare organizations to develop tools and resources that enable providers to do what they do best – care for patients.

We give organizations the resources they need to deliver healthcare services safely and efficiently.
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