Increase transparency, improve margins and get reimbursed faster with integrated payer enrollment and credentialing
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Connect primary source-verified record details and payer tasks on RLDatix’s industry-leading shared data model

Explore Our Advanced Provider Lifecycle Management Solution:

  • Automated Payer Application Submission & Tracking:

    Meet deadlines, save time, reduce errors and lower your costs with automatic payer application, submission and real-time tracking.
  • Centralized Provider Data Management: 

    Streamline application and document management with a single source of truth for all related data. 
  • State & Federal Compliance: 

    Take advantage of an NCQA-Certified CVO to reduce the burden on your team, while supporting compliance and delegation.
  • Advanced Data Analytics & Reporting:

    Stay current on provider enrollment status with configurable reporting.

Benefits of RLDatix Payer Enrollment & Credentialing

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Leverage validated, real-time data across systems — creating efficiencies for your enrollment team and facilitating faster administration of patient care.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Using a single, structured and fully-verified provider file, eliminate duplicative tasks for providers and administrators, while also improving data integrity across your organization.

Improve Margins

Enhance revenue captures and lower costs through streamlined enrollment, reduced errors and fewer administrative redundancies.

Break Down Silos

Foster a culture of trust and transparency using a streamlined, cross-functional solution for Payer Enrollment & Credentialing.

"Centralizing the provider lifecycle is a transformative step forward. With this new system, we benefit from added granularity to manage single applications and location-specific terminations, while simultaneously opening up our business to cross-functional insights and efficiencies throughout the organization. "
- Jourdan Strishock, MHA
Compliance Analyst/Enrollment Supervisor,
Penn Highlands Healthcare,
DuBois, PA

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RLDatix Payer Enrollment & Credentialing solution is a part of the Advanced Provider Lifecycle Management solution, built on RLDatix’s shared data model.

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Transform Your Approach to Provider Management with an Integrated Payer Enrollment and Credentialing Solution
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