Helping to reduce risk and ensure continuous compliance
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Manage risk using an enterprise approach

Government agencies are held to the highest standards, and so are RLDatix integrated governance, risk and compliance solutions. We help you succeed in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Public sector agencies are leaders in creating and enforcing regulations and policies. This requires top-level excellence and zero margin for error. RLDatix helps you solve complex challenges with ease, speed and accuracy. Our infrastructure ensures that your information remains safe, secure and audit-ready. You can depend on our solutions to manage increasing amounts of data on demand. We put all the pieces together to get it right, every time.  

How we help

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Integrate data seamlessly

Our solution standardizes and streamlines policies and procedures, making it easier to identify potential risks and compliance gaps. No system is too big or too small — we are scalable and flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Our solution unlocks efficiency, translating to big savings in costs and time.

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Create a sustainable culture of safety

Safety is our priority. RLDatix has the tools to safeguard your patients, support your workforce and protect your agency. Our solutions help eliminate mistakes before they happen. By increasing transparency and eliminating silos, we increase collaboration and communication. This helps identify risk, address bureaucratic challenges, improve safety outcomes and inspire organizational learning.  

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Ensure continuous compliance

Can your agency handle constant changes and updates in policies, procedures, requirements and regulations? RLDatix helps you meet this challenge with a single, central repository - reducing risks and redundancies without compromising permissions and authority. Our comprehensive solutions make it easier for your staff to stay up-to-date and compliant on critical mandates.

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  • Governance
    Control risk by standardizing internal processes, documentation and transparency.  
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  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights.  
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues
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