Safer Patients.
Safer Workforce.
Safer Organization.

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RLDatix makes healthcare a safer, better experience for clinicians, staff and patients alike.

Safer Patients

Keeping your patients safe is our priority. Timely access to data helps prevent adverse events, cuts costs and improves your bottom line.

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Safer Workforce

Supporting a highly productive clinical workforce starts with processes that drive a transparent, consistent and empathic culture of safety.

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Safer Organization

Streamlining and continuously improving your systems and processes is the best way to protect your organization’s best assets – your people, operations and finances.

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Journey to SAFER

RLDatix helps you integrate healthcare governance, risk and compliance functions — leading to a more financially secure, high-performing organization that inspires trust. Our suite of solutions and services help you proactively identify risk, analyze data and build a consistent, transparent culture of safety.

RWJBarnabas Health

Discover how RWJBarnabas Health took advantage of the platform model to align provider management operations with their overall strategy for high reliability.

Health system with nearly 13,000 providers across 14 networked entities, each with individual appointment requirements.

Duplicative efforts across teams and for providers
No shared data model
No process or content standardization
No enterprise views of provider data
"A seamless system to gather critical data, stay current on all state, federal, and facility regulations, and event information in real time—compliance goes up, more medical errors and near misses are reported, and patients are safer."
- Dr. John Bonamo,
Executive Vice President & Chief Medical and Quality Officer,
RWJBarnabas Health
In the first 3 years, RWJBH’s usage of the central provider data model enabled file sharing across the hospital network. During the pandemic, RLDatix provided fully verified reports across facilities for critical provider disciplines within a 90-minute timeframe to support rapid on-boarding and expand provider coverage.

RWJBH has leveraged the solutions to capture and improve upon findings, including in-product referrals to expand the capture and management of risk.

RWJBH is currently deploying the use of RLDatix’s Provider Risk Profile to support OPPE processes with summaries of safety and compliance findings attributed to a provider to help advance their journey as a High Reliability Organization.

74% of peer review cases are directly referred from safety investigations or patient relation cases.
42% of patient relations cases are referred directly from a safety investigation.
100% of all liability claims cases are proactively identified and referred from events, patient relations or peer review cases.

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  • Governance
    Control risk by standardizing internal processes, documentation and transparency. 
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  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights. 
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues.
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