Policy Management

Improve adherence to policies and procedures while mitigating your organization's risk
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Meet regulations with our leading-edge 
document management solution  

  • Drive compliance in your organization with our searchable and scalable policy management solution. PolicyStat provides quick and easy access to documents, enabling your staff to collaboratively manage and maintain your policy library.
  • Gain insight into the status of your organization’s policies – at specific locations or across your enterprise.  
  • Are you more reactive than proactive when it comes to compliance? Plan ahead with a streamlined database – and single source of truth – for your organization staff.

How Policy Management can help you

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Enhance patient outcomes and mitigate risk

Keep everyone in your organization and network up-to-date on policies by turning static documents into searchable web pages. Mitigate risk by linking critical documents directly to RL6 risk and safety.

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Manage your documents with a centralized library

RLDatix PolicyStat supports document lifecycle management with a powerful search-as-you-type technology that displays information quickly and efficiently. 

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Approach compliance proactively for safer care

Be survey-ready anytime when you link policies and procedures directly to standards set by organizations such as TJC, DNV, CMS, and SoPs. Empower your staff with easy access to the most up-to-date policy information.  

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Measure efficiency and compliance gaps

Provide safety and confidence within your organization through accurate, complete and readily available policies. Identify compliance gaps, measure efficiency and promote accountability with data and reports that enable your teams to take action to correct compliance issues and reduce your organization's risk. 

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