Help protect vulnerable children and adults within a secure system
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Use one system to efficiently and securely capture and review safeguarding concerns and referrals

    • Keep your sensitive information separate from other incidents or feedback data, whilst helping to protect your patients.
    • Efficiently capture and review safeguarding events with easy-to-use and configurable tools.
    • Demonstrate to national and local authorities that your organisation has a robust safeguarding reporting system.
    • Review referral data with robust reporting that can be easily submitted to authorities and regulators.  

How Safeguarding can help you

Customise the system to your workflows 

  • Create new records and review safeguarding referrals using your own user-defined labels and workflow.
  • Search, assign and track safeguarding referrals to determine whether a referral requires further review or investigation.
  • Review observations, advice sought and actions taken.
  • Analyse trends and monitor records within your workflow.
  • Track vulnerable individuals with multiple concerns to determine the need for further review and potential referral.

Ensure security with access control

  • Provide heightened security by easily managing profiles and security groups, limiting access to designated staff.
  • Encourage detailed reporting with an anonymous and secure reporting system accessible only to safeguarding staff. 
  • Protect sensitive information by separating Safeguarding records from Incident or Feedback modules. 
  • Link referrals to other RLDatix modules, as appropriate, whilst keeping sensitive data private.

Save time and reduce administrative burden

  • Log concerns and referrals within a dedicated DatixCloudIQ Safeguarding Module, eliminating the need to use multiple systems for concerns and referrals. 
  • Save time by quickly searching for relevant records and auto-populating information from other modules within the RLDatix platform.
  • Eliminate the need to separate safeguarding records from incident and feedback data for external reporting.

Streamline reporting to authorities and regulators

  • Create high visibility across your safeguarding team with tasks, reporting and dashboards.
  • Analyse insights by connecting safeguarding data with the RLDatix's Insights module.
  • Triangulate data by linking safeguarding learnings to the Safety Learning's module.
  • Easily export referrals from the module into Word documents and send to local authorities.
  • Provide assurance to national and local authorities, such as the CQC, that you have a robust safeguarding reporting system in place.

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