Software Services

RLDatix offers a range of services to help you make the most of your software investment.
Additional Services

Our team can assist in an array of areas from custom forms design, building out dashboards, and designing and scheduling reports according to your needs. We can also offer advice on working according to best practice within the software and the industry in general.

  • Training Services
    Training thousands of users a year, RLDatix invests in its training team to ensure that skills and expertise are transferred quickly and effectively to customers. RLDatix offers a range of training services to help keep knowledge up-to-date or to train new users on how to become an expert in the software. Customers are welcome to take advantage of the complimentary online training materials including videos, presentations, and job aides available via HUB (RL6, Dweb, DCIQ, SRM, PolicyStat, PolicyMedical & RIskMan customers), or they can purchase instructor-led remote or onsite training tailored to meet their specific learning needs.
  • Data Export Services
    Organisations will often need to send data to regional or national bodies that oversee quality in healthcare. RLDatix can assist where this requirement involves data contained in the RLDatix software. Whether the requirement is sending data to a Patient Safety Organisation (PSO), National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), Performance Analysis & Reporting System (PARS), a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or other reporting body, RLDatix can help export the data in a format to be consumed by the receiving organisation.
  • Software Update Services
    If looking to plan a DatixWeb or RL6 update, we recommend searching HUB for the “release notes” to learn about the latest features and fixes. Your organization may be qualified to self-update software depending on the products in use and whether RLDatix hosts your application. RLDatix offers professional software update services for Customers that are not able to self-update and Customers that do not wish to self-update. If you have any questions, or are keen to plan a software update, please submit a HUB ticket.
  • Server Migration Services (on-prem customers)
    Let RLDatix take on the technical work of a server migration for you. We will migrate the application and database to its new destination, copy any application configurations, and work with your team to ensure interfaces are connected properly and users redirected. We can even perform a software update along with the server migration so that you have the latest version of the software.
  • Health Check Services
    Get a pulse on how well you are utilising your software with a comprehensive health check. We will help you identify where you can make improvements to your workflow, configurations, forms, reports and more. Areas for enhancement are identified based on best practices and innovative use of the software. A Health Check includes a comprehensive report summarizing the findings and recommendations. And RLDatix can even help you implement the recommended changes.
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