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We offer solutions and services to help you proactively identify risk, enhance operational efficiency and compliance and build a consistent, transparent culture of safety.

  • Governance

    Control risk by standardizing internal processes, documentation and transparency.
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  • Risk

    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights.
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  • Compliance

    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues.
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  • Workforce Management

    Smarter, Streamlined, Safer workforce management -- Relied on by Finance and Operations. Respected by Nursing. Loved by Schedulers
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  • RLDatix Feature

    Safety Institute

    Transforming patient safety through data insights and industry collaboration.
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Helping you strengthen outcomes and drive continuous learning to improve the quality of patient care.

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Increase insights and collaboration across all your operations — saving you time and reducing costs.

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Icon of medical building depicting provider management
Provider Management
Track and report the status of provider credentials and certifications
Icon depicting a conference room representing Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures
Centralize, facilitate review and tracking of policies, SOPs and other important documentation
Icons depicting Contract Management
Contract Management
Manage enterprise contract sourcing, term adherence and lifecycle
Icon depicting a presentation covering Clinical Surveillance
Clinical Surveillance
Single source of truth for tracking patient infections and healthcare prevention activities
Icon depicting machines and scenarios where Instructions for Use (IFU) would be helpful
Instructions for Use (IFU)
Centralized access to Instructions For Use, cleaning protocols, service manuals and Safety Data Sheets across departments
Icons depicting both bedside care and administration to represent Accreditation & Regulatory
Accreditation & Regulatory
Consolidate, track and report on accreditation and regulatory requirements (TJC, DNV, etc.)
Icon of colleagues collaborating at a desk discussing Patient Safety & Risk
Patient Safety & Risk
Manage and prevent claims, monitor patient feedback and mitigate risk
Who We Help

  • Providers
    Leveraging insights to mitigate risk and provide safer care for patients
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  • Payers / Insurers
    Providing solutions to help support members to better outcomes
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  • Government
    Guiding governmental bodies to better insights and improvements
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Latest News and Resources

  • News
    RLDatix finalizes acquisition of Breitenbach Software

    With the acquisition of the German software company completed, RLDatix will expand support and coverage in the region while also driving increased innovation.

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  • News
    RLDatix to Acquire Breitenbach Software Engineering GmbH
    Acquisition will enrich RLDatix’s workforce management capabilities in the German market while accelerating its global vision of connected healthcare operations. 
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  • News
    RLDatix Launches Safety Institute to Transform Patient Safety Culture
    The Safety Institute leverages PSO certification to fuel industry collaboration with data-backed insights.
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