Safety Huddles

Drive effective communication

Discuss on-going events, concerns and initiatives with a control center for your teams while providing the support you need to process the information.

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Build and distribute Huddles

  • Create and share Huddle invitations with individuals and various groups across within the organization.
  • Allow any invitee to facilitate a scheduled or ad hoc Huddle.
  • Seamlessly integrate Huddles with other aspects of the software.

Easy configuration for quick submission

  • Configure your Huddle format to collect the information that matters most.
  • Perform huddles with relevant measures, quick submissions, strong file linkages and more.
  • Assign tasks to any user in the application to stay on top of everything.
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Introduce Measures

  • Define the structure, collect information, and corral participants, including facilitators, attendees and sponsors.
  • Include informative pre-built measures in minutes to come prepared with the right data.
  • Scribe discussions or use quick notes to quickly capture updates.
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Improve your patients’ care

  • Connect concerns directly to information already in the system.
  • Capture typed or customized quick notes, references to files, patients and to create tasks on the fly.
  • Track which Huddle meetings are conducted on time, have been submitted late or completely missed.

Start your patient safety journey