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RLDatix Launches New Brand, Connects Hundreds of Organizations at Annual Customer Conference

Event brought together hundreds of patient safety leaders from around the world and served as the springboard to launch the company’s new brand and vision.

TORONTO, CHICAGO and LONDON, July 8, 2019 /CNW/ - RLDatix, a leading provider of solutions that drive patient safety, quality improvement, and harm reduction in healthcare, announced today the successful conclusion of Palooza 2019, RLDatix's annual customer conference.

Held in Las Vegas, NV, Palooza 2019 included over 350 healthcare leaders from more than 200 organizations around the world and provided an opportunity for trailblazers in patient safety to network, share best practices and learn from each other.

Jeff Surges, RLDatix CEO, shared the vision of the company and laid the foundation for its continued expansion into governance, risk and compliance. Citing examples from adjacent healthcare technology industries, Surges outlined the potential for RLDatix to be a disruptor in GRC by focusing on tools that drive efficiency and safety across the healthcare spectrum. 

"We don't want to go to where the healthcare industry already is, we want to be where it is going," said Surges. "RLDatix is uniquely positioned to drive value, innovation and insight across all sectors by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our customers every step of the way. Together, we are finding new ways of simplifying processes, enabling learning across functions, improving the flow of information and reducing the duplication of tasks. By finding ways to provide more efficient care, we will naturally deliver safer care."

Attendees at the event represented organizations at the forefront of patient safety and GRC, including University of California, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Henry Ford Health System, Cleveland Clinic, Ochsner Health System, and many more. In addition, the conference included representatives from Denmark, Saudi Arabia and the province of British Columbia in Canada, making it truly global gathering of minds.

"It's always great to catch up with the community of RLDatix customers from around the world," said Mandy Kolbe, Data Analyst, Partners Continuing Care. "I found this year's sessions to be particularly valuable. This group of smart, dedicated people are so passionate about sharing tools and strategies to keep patients safe, and I have come back from the conference armed with a host of new ideas to help my organization."

The conference also served as the launch pad for the new RLDatix brand. Bringing together RL Solutions, Datix and RiskMan International, the company shared its new mission, vision and values, as well as its integrated social media presence, highly successful HUB community and new global website. Today, RLDatix is the global leader in patient safety, protecting more than 200 million patients in 19 countries and leveraging more than 50 years of combined experience.

"Our vision is a world where patients have access to the best and safest care possible," continued Surges. "As one organization under one banner, we now have a truly global footprint that will allow us to help shape the narrative of better, safer care for all."

RLDatix also used the occasion to recognize this year's Trailblazer Award recipient. The RLDatix Trailblazer Award recognizes individuals who have made an impact within their organization as well as the broader healthcare community. Mari Kretz, Analyst, Risk Data and Analytics of Hospital Sisters Health System was announced as this year's winner.

The event also allowed attendees to engage with iContracts, recently acquired by RLDatix, to discover how patient safety learnings can be institutionalized through effective and efficient policy management.

"iContracts is a critical component of our GRC strategy," said Surges. "Its technology will help bring to life our vision of connecting organizational learnings to the policies and procedures that drive improvement."

RLDatix also announced that next year's conference will be held in Chicago, IL in September 2020. Chicago is home to company's new innovation center, which will be launching in the first quarter of next year.

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RLDatix is on a mission to change healthcare. We help organizations drive safer, more efficient care by providing governance, risk and compliance tools that drive overall improvement and safety. Our suite of software helps reduce healthcare-acquired infections, report on adverse events, and ensure patient safety learnings are deployed effectively and immediately. With over 3,000 customers in 19 countries, RLDatix software protects hundreds of millions of patients around the world. For more information, visit www.rldatix.com.

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