Enterprise Risk Manager

Monitor, prioritise and mitigate risk throughout your organisation
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Proactively identify and manage risk

  • Gain a holistic view of risk across your enterprise to help prioritise, monitor and reduce risk.
  • Promote engagement and oversight in safety and quality improvement by tracking data from event reporting, claims and feedback.  
  • Integrate with other RLDatix modules and toolkits to help you demonstrate the effectiveness of risk management and identify mitigation strategies.
  • Define escalation and de-escalation processes through an organisation-specific risk hierarchy.

How Enterprise Risk Manager can help you

Reduce your healthcare risks

  • Manage risk wherever it arises with an innovative organisation-wide risk register hierarchy feature.
  • Optimize your review process and engage stakeholders across your organisation with the tool’s structured review and notification process.  
  • Build organisational memory and continuous learning with a standardised reporting and review process that tracks risk history and past mitigation initiatives.

Enhanced identification of risk and reporting

  • Identify the factors that contribute to adverse outcomes and ensure appropriate mitigation is in place.
  • Analyse risks more thoroughly, devise quality improvement strategies and monitor key performance indicators with powerful pattern and trend analysis reporting features.  

Promote organisational learning

  • Build a community of shared responsibility and learning with our individual task management functions and workflows.
  • Actively monitor data coming in from incidents, claim and feedback to see how often these risks are occurring and potential impacts.
  • Identify the underlying factors contributing to risk and make recommendations on quality improvement to learn as an organisation.

Implement organisational oversight

  • Monitor data in real-time for immediate and up-to-date information on the success of current risk management strategies.
  • Streamline your presentations to executive teams, includingrisk register overviews and mitigation plans. 
  • Escalate risks up through the organisation’s hierarchy, ensuring oversight at the appropriate levels.
  • Highlight changes in risk practice and mitigation strategies by referring to a library of controls already in place as well as gaps to address.  

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