Safety Alerts

Efficiently broadcast important patient safety information
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Inform staff of healthcare alerts and stay compliant with safety standards

  • Drive compliance with safety alerts while pragmatically prioritising delivery of safer care.
  • Manage and disseminate all types of safety alerts and identify actions that your organisations can take to reduce risks.
  • Monitor responses to ensure that all alerts are acted upon across all levels of the organisation.
  • Identify where incidents may link to an alert and proactively manage any associated risk.

How Safety Alerts can help you

Organisation-wide awareness and learning

  • Provide a single source of accurate information, ensuring consistent responses to safety and security issues.
  • Create a consistent image of safety to encourage engagement at all levels of the organisation.

Concise and clear management of workload

  • Track distribution and review in real-time, generating assurance that safety alerts are being acted upon.
  • Enterprise-wide management of internal and external incident and safety alerts, through a standardised workflow handling receipt, review distribution and feedback on all alerts.
  • Handle large groups of recipients, across single organisations or regional areas, with a single coordinated process of alert distribution and management.

Link to other records

  • Coordinate additional activities directed by healthcare safety alerts, such as integrating with risk management strategies.
  • Track manifestation of safety alerts through identifying when events have occurred.

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