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DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ) enables healthcare organisations to understand adverse events and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of care.

    • Use DCIQ to help your organisation capture and evaluate patient and health worker safety data.
    • Compare key event data and insights to create a better understanding of safety data to implement improvements and learning at all levels.    
    • Achieve high reliability and safer care by understanding not only “what” is happening, but also “how” and “why” errors occur. 

How DCIQ toolkits help


Gather key event data and insights to start the learning process and inform and effectively drive improvement initiatives that drive safety and quality of care.


Initiate the process of learning by uncovering and understanding factors leading to an adverse event, pinpointing the root cause, identifying risks and highlighting where improvements can be made.


Deliver effective results and tailor strategies for improvement with a proactive approach to managing safety and improving quality.


Create an organisational memory of what works and why by delivering quality improvement strategies and ensuring change is incorporated into policies and procedures.


Ensure continual learning and improvement by assessing the effectiveness of internal policies and regulatory compliance, informing future improvement strategies.

Explore our solutions

  • Event Reporting

    Manage harmful events, near misses and unsafe conditions in a centralised system to access organisational harm reduction insights.

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  • Event Analysis

    Systematically investigate events to provide critical information to relevant stakeholders to immediately address issues and drive interventions.

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  • Patient Feedback

    Capture the voice of the patient, manage grievances and identify disruptive behavior.

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  • Safety Learnings

    Provides a centralised system for learning outcomes of safety events and driving proactive improvement strategies.

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  • Claims

    Helps to protect the organisation from legal action and ensure appropriate responses to healthcare claims.

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  • Mortality Review

    Enable organisations to capture and review all mortalities in one centralised system in order to implement improvements.

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  • Recommendations and Controls

    Identify and control contributory factors and prevent future occurrences of adverse event.

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  • Safety Alerts

    Immediately and efficiently communicate critical patient safety information to ensure visibility and compliance.

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  • Insights

    Comprehensive reporting and data analytics tool to monitor activity and drive actions towards improvement and management of future risk.

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  • DCIQ Anywhere

    Datix Cloud IQ mobile application enabling users to log incidents immediately after they occur anywhere in an organisation.

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