Clinical Surveillance

Single source of truth for tracking patient infections and healthcare prevention activities
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Centralise data to decrease your risk of antimicrobial resistance, reduce the burden and frequency of HAIs and prevent future outbreaks

Infection Surveillance

  • Laboratory surveillance (infection tracking) - Monitor laboratory results in real-time and easily associate with admission or interventional procedures.
  • Surgical surveillance & patient monitoring - Surveil patients post high-risk surgery or with indwelling devices.
  • Collect and export NHSN defined datasets - Build up datasets on infections and colonisation's, using cases files, for internal reporting and  analysis and capturing datasets for external bodies like NHSN.  

Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Early interventions - Clinical pharmacists can intervene early correcting antimicrobial prescribing events to avoid ineffective or potentially harmful therapies. Highly customisable alerts can be built and validated using ‘RLQL’ definitions. 
  • Datasets to drive dispensing policy - Reporting of all prescribing and administration events, Days of Therapy (DOT) and Defined Daily Dose (DDD). When coupled with antibiograms teams get the information needed to develop robust, proactive, localised, evidence-based prescribing policies and guidelines. 
  • Monitor antimicrobial costs -  Reduce antimicrobial resistance and healthcare costs by promoting judicious use of antibiotics.

Outbreak Management

  • Threshold alerts and CBSS/FRI assessment - Identify potential outbreaks scenarios early via inbox epi curves and threshold alerts. Extend surveillance into the community through Febrile Respiratory Assessments and Context Based Syndromic Surveillance. Act quickly with contact tracing in minutes, track patients with case files and co-ordinate outbreak responses.
  • Isolation Management - Day to day, manage isolation precaution for the entire facility and share this data with necessary staff.

Staff Health and Compliance

  • Track staff immune status - Reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) by determining which staff members are immune against a disease. 
  • Fit testing - Store fitted respirators for respiratory protection program and inventory management. 
  • Vaccine information -  Track detailed information including vaccine lot numbers, manufacturer, expiration dates, notes related to the immunisation, staff recall, and confirmation of consent.
  • Staff Health dashboard - Display and visualize immunisation history, declination rates, blood and body fluid exposures, immunisation compliance, and allergy-related events.

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