Turn your rosters into your operational centre of how your run your organisation

When managing your health and care workforce, what would you do differently?

Health and care organisations like yourselves are always looking to make improvements in how they manage their people. They want to find that perfect balance of being efficient, safe and on budget, all while making themselves a great place to work. 
For us, it’s more than just having a static list of people and when or where they are working. 
Our workforce solutions, built specifically for health and care in Australia, focus on three key principles. We bring productivity, safety and staff engagement together, to help you bring your rosters to life.

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It’s more than just efficiency. For us, it’s about finding a balance; having your people work in the most effective way, whilst ensuring staff, patients and residents remain safe at all times.


Safety goes beyond planning to be safe. It’s about using your roster proactively throughout your workforce management so you have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Staff Engagement

It’s more than just sending out staff communications. It’s about your people engaging with their roster, their workplace and fellow colleagues. A connected workforce is safer, happier and more productive.

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  • Risk
    Prevent harm and improve patient safety with timely data and insights.
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  • Compliance
    Meet regulatory guidelines, reduce risk and control costs by proactively addressing compliance issues.
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