Help to protect your organisation by managing and mitigating your healthcare claims in one system
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Helping you more effectively manage your legal caseload   

  • Access all the necessary tools to manage the litigation process, efficiently manage your caseload and review any incident or feedback data associated with the claim.
  • Help to protect the organisation by proactively addressing systemic safety risks within the organisation.
  • Bring risk, financial and legal departments together with dedicated healthcare claims management software built to mitigate financial loss and reduce administrative burden.

How Claims can help you

Streamline the management of your claims process

  • Record, prioritise and manage all types of healthcare claims via customisable, targeted forms that support individual workflows and business processes.
  • Document and track all claim-related financial data.
  • Identify multiple reserves, tracking adjustments and payments and measure impact on insurance policies.

Improve reporting and organisational learning

  • Identify and validate improvement opportunities using pattern and trend analysis tools, enabling you to monitor key performance indicators and the financial impact of claims.
  • Submit claims data to insurers and regulatory agencies via export functions and mapping to other key datasets.
  • Allow for more efficient sharing of roles and responsibilities and learning through data access and task management functions.

Make the system work for you

  • Your individual needs can be met with the option to extensively and flexibly configure the system through forms, settings and access rights.
  • Configure workflows according to your business logic, ensuring you can prioritise, manage and review stakeholder and patient feedback.
  • Automate notifications throughout for managers to ensure compliance with timescales, and for feedback reporters to receive standardised responses.

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