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Get the full picture with the RiskMan Suite from RLDatix and learn together with comprehensive, real-time data.


Incidents and Quality

Prove adherence to and compliance with healthcare standards worldwide. Improve outcomes with incident reporting and the cycle of quality improvement.


Workplace Health & Safety

Apply best practices with a full suite of WHS modules covering Inspections, Hazard reporting, Workplace Claims and Personnel management. Use Roam Mobile App to conduct WHS inspections anywhere and at any time with real-time alerts triggered.


Governance Risk & Compliance

Clearly set out directions, optimise risks and resources while monitoring performance to achieve your GRC objectives. Assists organisations to meet compliance requirements, decrease audit findings, and avoid risk by identifying specific impacts and drivers.


Consumer Engagement

Turn complaints and survey feedback into quality improvements that encourage further consumer engagement. Create key Performance Indicator reports to monitor that all feedback is addressed within company policy thresholds.

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