Event Reporting

Turn event data into actionable insights to drive safer care
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Reduce risk across your enterprise with our event reporting tools

  • Identify areas of improvement and encourage a culture of safety where your staff feel safe to report concerns that put patients at risk.
  • Move beyond the simple capture and review of data on adverse outcomes toward a managed process of exposing and resolving events.
  • Overcome event reporting challenges with flexible tools that adapt to your current environment.

How Event Reporting helps

Faster reporting and review

  • Encourage incident reporting with forms that align with your organisation and reporting agency requirements.
  • Capture data relevant for internal improvement initiatives and regulatory compliance. 
  • Submit incident data to regulatory agencies seamlessly through built-in export functions and mapping to data requirements. 
  • Use our automated notification process to improve efficiency and reduce workloads. 

Full compliance with the Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) Service

  • Start reducing administrator burden with our systems that automatically send incident reports to LFPSE.
  • Capture higher quality and timely event data that supports organisational learning.

Configurable views to meet your organisational needs

  • Receive only the information relevant to your users.   
  • Prioritise, administer and review events with configurable workflows and business logic.  
  • Tailor the system to your local needs with extensive configuration and flexibility options.
  • Support secure and efficient management of large volumes of users and data through role-based security access.

Better insights using trend analysis and key performance indicators

  • Identify and validate quality improvement processes and opportunities through powerful pattern and trend analysis tools.
  • Measure and monitor organisational key performance indicators.
  • Interpret and access data easily, enabling effective sharing and learning supported by task management functions.

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