Terms of Use

Service Level Agreement

Version dated 24 June 2019

Words and phrases used in this Service Level Agreement have the same meanings as given in the RLDatix Master Service Agreement

1    The RLDatix Service Desk is available during the following times on weekdays and excluding public holidays:

2    The purpose of the Service Desk is primarily to enable the Customer’s nominated contact to access technical help in the event that the Customer encounters any problems with the Services.

3    RLDatix normally limits support to named individuals within an organisation and only queries from these individuals will be accepted. The Customer’s nominated contact is expected to have been trained in the Datix software and to be familiar with the Operating Instructions and with Microsoft Windows.

4    RLDatix recommends that details of any Fault are emailed to support@rldatix.com. The Customer may also be asked to provide a more detailed description of the problem or to conduct certain investigations.

5    All requests for support are logged and allocated a call reference number. The Customer will receive an acknowledgement by email that their request has been logged and details of the priority which has been assigned to it. This will normally be done within three working hours of receipt of the request. If the suspected fault is of critical priority (1) (see the table below) you should telephone RLDatix.

6    RLDatix will not be able to resolve suspected issues which cannot be repeated or replicated. These will be presumed to be attributable to matters unrelated to the Services.

7    When a Fault has been accepted by RLDatix as a problem in the Services or as requiring further investigation before such a determination can be made, RLDatix will allocate it a priority. The priority is assessed according to the effect of the Fault on access to the Datix software in accordance with the Support Response Times set out in the table below.

8    RLDatix support is not intended as a substitute for training or for dealing with matters which are dealt with in any information provided to the Customer. However, as a discretionary service and not as a matter of obligation, the Service Desk may be available to answer queries of the “How do I ?” type.

9    RLDatix provides a chargeable service for dealing with support requests that are not covered by your contract. This service can be accessed by contacting the Service Desk in the normal way. For the avoidance of doubt, services are charged only if a Faults is found to have been caused by an act of commission or omission of the Customer, in which case Customer will be billed at the then current hourly rate.

10    At RLDatix, we are constantly improving our products. Our aim is to make them easier to use, which will increase efficiency and deliver more benefits for your organisation. If you have a suggestion for the Services, you may request a suggestion form by contacting the service desk in the usual manner.