Drive improvement from inside your organisation

Devise and deliver quality improvement strategies based on a comprehensive analysis of what will deliver real-world benefits to your organisation

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About this module

Use the Recommendations & Controls module to analyse and refine improvement strategies from the learning identified from investigations and risks.

'Pool information to better inform quality improvement initiatives'

  • Create a library of recommendations for improvement with information from investigations, risk management and quality measurement functions.
  • Feed analysed and approved controls into risk management strategies from a clear and concise library of approved controls.
  • Feed in recommendations and controls provided by external agencies to positively impact your organisational quality practices.

'Organisational memory'

  • Create continuous quality improvement and an organisational memory with evidence for why controls were implemented.
  • Feed healthcare improvement strategies by understanding how controls impact real-life delivery of care and identify what has worked and why.

'Align quality improvement with organisational strategies'

  • Create a cohesive link between disparate quality improvement processes to align with organisation goals.
  • Embed organisational objectives by making decisions based on the key priorities of the organisation.

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