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DCIQ Anywhere - helping you change the way you report

  • Allows the capture of key event details whilst on the move or working remotely from a mobile or tablet device.
  • Support engagement with staff to ensure incident data is captured at the time of the event.
  • Capture data on or offline, encouraging active surveillance within a positive learning culture.
  • Upload pictures or use voice recognition to more easily capture key details and reduce reporting time, without the quality of information being impacted.

How DCIQ Anywhere helps

Improve reporting numbers and event information

  • Report healthcare incidents quickly and efficiently via a short form on any mobile or tablet device.
  • Immediate reporting of key information around an event can improve the quality of the information reported.
  • Support patient safety engagement with staff to ensure incident data is captured at the time of the event.

Transform the way your organisation reports

  • Immediate access to a computer to report incidents, report immediately via a mobile device, whether on-site or working remotely.
  • Transcribe spoken incident description in real time with built-in voice-to-text capability.
  • Attach photographs to support event submission easily.
  • Upload key incident and patient safety data even when offline. Multiple incidents can be stored and ready for upload when the device returns online.

Create confidence in reporting

  • Support a swift review process by allowing staff to upload key incident data anytime, anywhere with mobile incident reporting.
  • Be confident in the security of your data with full encryption both on the device and during transfer. 

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