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We offer a range of integration options to help you work seamlessly.

Patient Administration System (PAS) Integration

A connection between the RLDatix system and a PAS will ensure that all patient information in the system is up to date. Any changes made in the PAS e.g. addition of a new patient, update to existing demographic information or a merge of duplicate patient data, will automatically be reflected in the RLDatix system.

Mortality API

DatixCloudIQ provides a Mortality API that can facilitate the automatic creation of records in the Mortality Review module when a patient is discharged as deceased from a local patient administration system (PAS). This allows the automatic creation of a mortality record to begin the review process once updates are made in the PAS.

Active Directory (AD) Integration

Windows Active Directory (AD) systems often control staff access to digital resources. RLDatix integrates directly with AD systems, enabling staff access to the system using their existing username and password, eliminating administrative burden and reducing time spent logging in to separate systems.

Bulk Contact Import

A bulk contact import enables a large set of contact records to be pre-loaded into a system during a transition to RLDatix and/or initial system setup. This ensures all patient/mortality details are available from system go-live.

Contact Lookup

A contact lookup interface enables the RLDatix system to pull contacts in from another system when searched for, ensuring that any additional information added into RLDatix is up to date. A contact lookup is particularly useful when there is no PAS integration in place.

Data Warehouse Export

Organisations with a data warehouse can aggregate data from their RLDatix system with other organisational systems to permit larger-scale analysis. Regular exports of updated record data from the RLDatix system can be scheduled in JSON format to support integrations with data warehouses.

Electronic Staff Records (ESR) Integration

An ESR interface permits staff records to be periodically brought in from a staff management system. This will ensure that all staff is available as contacts in the system, which can then be linked to records.

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Bespoke Integration Options

In healthcare regular reporting to regional or national bodies that oversee quality in healthcare is a requirement. RLDatix can assist where the requirement involves information in the RLDatix system, including exporting data in a particular format or directly connecting to an interface provided.

Many other healthcare systems can benefit from integrating with the RLDatix system and our implementation team is always happy to talk through any requirements you have.

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