A dedicated and secure module for safeguarding concerns and referrals

Keep your safeguarding concerns and referrals separate from other event data, whilst helping to protect the safety of patients

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Help protect the safety of vulnerable patients, promote learning and improvements

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Drive organisational learning

Link all event data, analyse insights and easily sharing learnings, whilst ensuring sensitive data is kept safe

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Showcase robust processes

Provide assurance to external regulators, such as the CQC, that you have a robust safeguarding reporting system in place.

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Increase efficiency

Easily configure to your organisation's workflows and processes, reducing administration time and eliminating the need to separate safeguarding information from other event data for external reporting. 

Save time and reduce your administrative burden

    • Log concerns and referrals within a dedicated safeguarding module, eliminating the need to use multiple systems for concerns and referrals.
    • Search for relevant records quickly and save time by auto populating information from other modules within the RLDatix platform.  
    • Eliminate the need to separate out safeguarding events from incident and feedback event data for external reporting. 
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Configure to your organisation's workflows

    • Create new records and review safeguarding referrals using your own user-defined labels and workflow.
    • Search, assign and track safeguarding referrals to determine whether a referral requires further review or investigation.
    • Review observations, advice sought, and actions taken.
    • Analyse trends and monitor records within your workflow. Track vulnerable individuals with multiple concerns and determine which ones require further review for a potential referral.
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Robust reporting and easy submission to authorities and regulators

    • Create high visibility across your Safeguarding Team with tasks, reporting and dashboards.
    • Analyse insights by connecting safeguarding data with the RLDatix’s Business Intelligence module.
    • Triangulate data by linking safeguarding learnings to the Safety Learning’s module.
    • Easily export referrals within the module into Word documents and send to local authorities.  
    • Provide assurance to national and local regulators, such as the CQC, that you have a robust safeguarding reporting system in place. 
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Ensure security with access control

    • Provide heightened security by easily managing profiles and security groups, ensuring only designated people have access.
    • Encourage more reporting and event details with anonymous reporting and without fear of unwanted views by non-safeguarding staff.
    • Protect sensitive information from being viewed by staff by keeping Safeguarding entries separate from Incidents or Feedback modules.
    • Link referrals to other modules as appropriate, such as Incidents, whilst keeping sensitive data private. 
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