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Meet RLDatix at Patient Safety Congress

We are welcoming some expert speakers to the RLDatix stand at Patient Safety Congress, 15th - 16th September.

Drop by the RLDatix stand during the conference breaks and join conversations focusing on the transition to LFPSE, implementation of the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework and much more...

Scroll down to discover who you can chat to on the RLDatix stand.  

Darren Kilroy

Medical Director, RLDatix

Join Darren on the RLDatix stand where he'll be discussing X, Y, Z. 

Where: The RLDatix Stand
When: 11:00am | Thursday 15th September

Jonathan Taylor

Head of Risk & Assurance, North West Ambulance Service

Join Jonathan on the RLDatix stand to discover how North West Ambulance Service has been reimagining the way they manage risk. Jonathan will chat about how putting risk at the heart of everything they do, and a smarter and more connected use of data has supported their quality improvement initiatives.  

Where: The RLDatix Stand
When: 4:10pm | Thursday 15th September

Helen Woolford

Head of Quality Improvement & Learning, London Ambulance Service

Join Helen on the RLDatix stand at 10:45am on Friday 16th September where she'll be discussing the implementation of the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and London Ambulance Service's experience as an early adopter, the challenges they faced and how they have used the RLDatix system to support the new framework. 

Where: The RLDatix Stand
When: 10:45am | Friday 16th September

Olga Chalupczak

Product Manager, RLDatix

Join Olga in a discussion about the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. She'll be chatting with Helen Woolford about their experience as an early adopter and how the organisation has used the RLDatix system to support their implementation of the framework. 

Olga will also be on hand to chat about how you can utilise the RLDatix system to support your implementation of PSIRF. 

Where: The RLDatix Stand
When: 10:45am | Friday 16th September

Lyn McIntyre

Director of Integrated Care, RLDatix

Join Lyn on the RLDatix to discuss X, Y, Z

Where: The RLDatix Stand
When: 12:30pm | Friday 16th September