Get to the root of the matter

Take root cause beyond the formal investigation and empower users to perform mini-RCAs and truly change the culture of patient safety at your organization.

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'Investigation tools you can rely on'

  • Set a flexible workflow to support several RCA frameworks and investigation types.

  • Build a question set to fulfill mandatory reporting to any framework.

  • Construct a narrative with easy to digest timeline views.

'Refine best practices'

  • Record and send action items to any user in your organization and track their progress.

  • Create robust workflows with action plans for proper follow-ups.

  • Initiate a single root cause analysis from multiple existing RL files.

'Manage and streamline RCAs '

  • Conduct preliminary investigations to determine if a formal root cause is warranted.

  • Continuously share and learn from RCAs to drive system improvements and prevent future safety events from occurring.

  • Notify and alert relevant parties about progress and action items associated to any RCA.

'Improve outcomes and processes'

  • Identify, underlying factors, frequent modes of failure and opportunities for improvement across the organization.

  • Create custom reports for committee meetings, hospital executives, managers, teams and more.

  • Get a centralized view of all action items and follow-ups associated with a root cause analysis.

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