Manage enterprise-wide risk and quality initiatives

Proactively address potential risks to achieve your quality and patient safety initiatives. Flag adverse events- before they happen- and gather the right data to affect lasting change

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'Get the right tools for the right job'

  • Capture information such risk domain, risk owners, location of the risk, and its impact.

  • Submit, review and manage identified risks to help with your patient safety initiatives.

  • Focus on risk mitigation and distribute action items to risk owners for ongoing updates.

'Jump into preventative action'

  • Record recommendations to identify possible solutions from any level of the organization.

  • Document and track all ideas to expedite the path to success for similar future risks.

  • Create mitigation strategies with recommendations, action plans and follow-ups.

'Get ahead of your initiatives'

  • Identify, assess, mitigate and monitor stated practices and procedures to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Standardize risk assessments by rating events according to its level of likelihood.

  • Assign ratings at each state of the mitigation process to highlight improvement trends and isolate intervention opportunities.

'Keep an eye on things'

  • Use the Safety Alert tool to manage and distribute actions for recalls with documentation and guides.

  • Monitor tasks and action requests at a per-risk or organization level to ensure nothing is missed.

  • Share and track various scenarios, including policy updates and lessons learned, with improved communication features.

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