From Risk Management to Risk Prevention

Applied Safety Intelligence - The Future of Patient Safety

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RLDatix’s new framework — Applied Safety IntelligenceTM — will further connect patient safety and risk management by moving the industry from a retrospective review of adverse events toward a future of proactive prevention. This profound shift will usher in a new era of future-forward patient safety.

With Applied Safety Intelligence you can:

  • Develop a cohesive, system wide strategy to improve patient safety processes and outcomes
  • Drive a substantial decrease in claims/litigations
  • Increase patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Support physician and staff engagement and well-being

Applied Safety Intelligence will optimize your patient safety programs by:

  • Analyzing and understanding where and how to intervene at different points in the system to extract insights around key failure points and predictor of harm.
  • Applying selective and targeted surveillance based on your organization’s priority and focus.
  • Incorporating proven methodologies and best practices such as CANDOR (e.g. CANDOR for addressing patient harm and proactively offer the support when an unintended harm event does occur).
  • Aligning regulatory mandates and requirements to prevention strategies to mitigate risk and cost penalties around preventable medical harm.

When a harmful event occurs, everyone suffers. Applied Safety Intelligence helps healthcare organizations extract insights and move from the reactive to proactive. The only way we will get to zero harm is if we prevent harm from happening in the first place.

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