Empathetic Communication & Caring for the Caregiver – Connecting the "Heart" and the "Head"

Learn how to utilize the CANDOR process to support healthcare workers as they seek emotional first aid, a sense of well-being, and morale.

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What is CANDOR?

Combining a "head & heart" approach to communication with families, patients and providers after an adverse event occurs, CANDOR offers patient safety and risk management leaders a proven loss prevention solution as they continue their journey to Zero Harm in healthcare. Learn how the CANDOR methodology can help your institution deliver compassionate communication via a fair and accountable culture while achieving ROI for your risk management leaders.

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Learn how your organization can use empathic and compassionate communication to care for the caregiver, reduce harm and mitigate risk.

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About Tim McDonald

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Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer, RLDatix

Dr. Tim McDonald, MD JD, is an accomplished physician and attorney, with more than 30 years of experience. By using the CANDOR approach, he has assisted over 200 hospitals and health systems implement a culture of “normalized compassionate honesty” combined with the transformation to a “fair and accountable culture.” Tim has received numerous Patient Safety awards including the American College of Medical Quality’s Founder’s Award, the Institute of Medicine – Chicago Patient Safety Award, and the MITSS Hope Award.

Let us help your organization change the way you respond to and prevent harm through customized education that includes gap analyses, workshops and one-to-one training.

CANDOR helps you:

  • Train staff on how to effectively and compassionately resolve patient safety events.
  • Build trust by using open and honest communication to deliver information when care doesn’t go as planned.
  • Provide support and emotional first aid to your care teams and staff.
  • Positively impact ROI through measurable reduction in litigation costs.
  • Couple your patient safety data with processes to optimize results.

The Intersection of Patient Safety & Risk Management

Getting to a unified strategy can be challenging since risk management and patient safety are, at times, separate functions within health systems. CANDOR brings these domains together around the critical need of communicating with patients, families and caregivers in a compassionate way while supporting the financial integrity of healthcare institutions.

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