Ask if care could be improved.

When death in care occurs, it is essential to question if care could be improved. RiskMan provides the tools to not only collect mortality and morbidity data, but also review, investigate and report to external bodies where necessary.

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'Record why things go wrong.'

  • Manage all your mortality and morbidity information within RiskMan, including all the elements for conducting an audit.

  • Record details about autopsy data collection and whether reporting to external parties is required for each particular case.

  • Conduct a clinical unit review and record any issues with the process of care that may have occurred.  Note any changes in process needed to improve outcomes.

  • Record important details about the patients End of Life Care Plan and if any wishes were or were not carried out.

  • Where surgical death has occurred, record further important information that can be escalated to relevant parties through the alert’s functionality.

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